Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Castle Rock, Colorado Splash Pad by Splash Zone

 Here is one of our latest splash pads we recently built in Colorado.
 These are our Rain Deck water features.  The Shower Curtain, Water Umbrella, and Curvy Flower.  To check them out go HERE

Friday, March 14, 2008

What does Pebble Flex look like after one year of wear and tear and coutless hours of chlorine? Well, it looks brand spankin new! This picture was taken 1 year after being installed.
 Here is a fun shaped pad for an HOA with Pebble Flex surfacing.
Yep, we even added a little bling to the LDS temple in Mesa, AZ!
Residential Splash Pad with Pebble Flex surface.
A bit more than standard... 16 spray jets, 5 bubblers, 2 waterfalls, a water umbrella, 2 wall scuppers (not in picture) and Pebble Flex surfacing. Oh yeah, and the landscaping done by Splash Zone (pavers, putting know, the necessities). Entire system is self contained!

Standard size  Splash Pad with blue and yellow Pebble Flex.

Snuggled between a spa, pool and palm trees, this splash pad by with RAIN DECK features has 8 jets and Pebble Flex surfacing.
Looks real, but this is show splash pad on a trailer. Come vist us at the Maricopa County Home Shows... and don't forget your swim suit!
Standard size splash pad  with a bench and a few lights.
Water umbrella, dolphins, star fish and sea shell. This splash pad  took Pebble Flex to a new level and created a sand to ocean beach. No diving.

Chess anyone! Pebble Flex is only limited by your imagination.
All of our standard spray nozzles are adjustable and interchangable. No getting board with a  splash pad -- just change out the spray nozzles for something new.
A commercial splash pad done with RAIN DECK nozzles. The entire surface was done with Pebble Flex rubber surfacing.

Another residential splash pad by Splash Zone.

Standard Splash  pad.

RAIN DECK has water umbrellas and water mushrooms and many other above ground water features.

16 spray jets and a bubbler make for some fun chess games.
Ahhh... makes you want to jump in.
This splash pad by Splash Zone has a waterfall that can be run independantly from the splash pad allowing for some relaxing evenings by the sound of a trickling waterfall.
Another Splash Zone splash pad with 16 spray jets, a bubbler and Pebble Flex surfacing.
Standard size Splash Zone splash pad with blue and red Pebble Flex surfacing.